Select your file in our free online PDF to Word converter. Carefully thought out design lets it effortlessly compare multiple time zones at a glance, plan conference calls, webinars, international phone calls and web meetings. It also aids with business travel & tracking of market hours. Now, you can click the popup in the mobile shown on the right side to see a preview of your application, and press “Refresh preview” to reload it. Although it is free to make apps for Android with AppsGeyser, it is not free to publish an app to Google Play Store since Google charges a fee.

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As simple as it can get, the Unit Converter app is a straightforward unit converter app. The app offers over 44 categories of units that can be converted. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface with some color elements to make the app a bit more attractive. The app boasts over 5 million downloads and is constantly updated with new features. Some other nifty features of the app include long-pressing the converted value to copy it to the clipboard. The swap floating button switches the selected units, making conversions between units super fast.

Converter NOW – Unit and Currency Converter Flutter App Template

After installing, you must allow the app to see your files. With rising technology, we want everything on our phones. Video converting is possible on your mobile phone, but choosing the ideal app is necessary. Check out our comprehensive documentation to build basic to the most advanced apps. Access your app and the underlying mobile device directly from your website using the GoNative JavaScript Bridge, a powerful API embedded in your app. GoNative’s expansive library of plugins supercharge your app with access to native device hardware, functionality, and third-party services.

Doc to PDF Converter is an easy-to-use app to let you convert document files to PDF format effortlessly. Some people may mistake it for Wondershare PDF Converter Pro which is desktop software. Saba is all about strategic leadership and tech-led transformation. While it supports 140 currencies and precious metals, its graphical representation and charts make it totally worthy for professionals. Its minimal user interface and user experience have helped it secure a 4.8 rating, with a user base of more than 60,000. It already has more than 5M downloads on the Google Play store.

easy app conversion

The most important thing is Calista is free, doesn’t charge a dime and still shows no ads for a fluid user experience. Here is an article on learning to convert MWV files to MP4 using this converter. Moreover, the app offers selected video sizes for platforms. This helps you choose the desired platform without worrying about the resolution. The settings menu comes with options including theme, output folders, and extensions, and the button on the top opens the output folder. The app works in the background, so you don’t need to sit and watch it convert.

You can use All-In-One Calculator to work out a range of math problems too. They include calculating the price of an item after a discount, prime checking, and the volume of 3D objects. You can add favorites to the main screen for quick access. A unit is a measurement of a quantity that is defined or adopted by tradition or law. Other quantities can be expressed as a multiple of the unit. Then, choose between the default or a custom icon for your app and press NEXT.

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All compatible files in it and its subfolders will be queued for converting. The chosen files cannot be converted to the same target format. Now all of our work is done and the last work is to connect the help activity to the floating button in our application with help of intent in the MainActivity file. Now it’s time to insert WebView in all the fragments, Open fragment_home, fragment_gallery, and fragment_slideshow XML files and use the code respectively. It may not be the best option for converting multiple images to PDF. It can only convert JPG to PDF; doesn’t support other types of images.

easy app conversion

Well, even though native apps burn a hole in the pocket for being expensive, yet there is an alternative method to create them for almost free. All it’s going to do is to cost you some time, and you will have native apps for your site at the end. Every file is converted in a separate, isolated environment. This further limits the possibility of a rogue file interfering with other users‘ conversions. You can save the converted files to a custom folder, without having to download them first as a zip.

Callista Currency Converter – Forex Calculator for Windows

Be it a novice or an experienced, anyone can turn their websites into mobile apps without learning any coding skills or programming knowledge using our DIY website to app maker. A choice of 10 Million+ businesses worldwide, Appy Pie’s Website to App Convertor is an all-in-one service to convert your website to an app in a few minutes. It creates a native app with modern features, including push notifications, in-app purchases, app analytics and more.

The premium subscription offers no ads, 4K video compression, and support for other formats to convert videos to MP4. Converting the video to MP3 is also available below the MP4 option. Other than video converting, you can compress, reverse, and trim videos. The app supports formats including MP4, OGG, 3GP, AVI, MPEG, FLV, M4A, 3GA, OGA, WAV, and GIF. Media Converter can also convert from MKV to MP4 quickly. Our documentation includes information and examples to help you build all types of apps, from basic web-to-app conversions to the most advanced.

Search engines like Google are designed to provide the most relevant results based on your search. It makes sense that by having a mobile app, your website will rank higher in search as more people use mobile devices to browse the internet. Of course, there’s the challenge of getting the user to isntall your app in the first place — see our guide to converting mobile traffic to app downloads to help with that. Whether you think it’s for better or for worse, smartphones have changed the world. We now access information at the touch of a screen, and everything you need to know about a brand can be found in moments.

  • Rather than presenting a long list of units for you to pick from, it displays just a few at a time, which you can edit to your liking.
  • The best way is to convert files on the computer and then transfer them to smartphones.
  • Once the conversion is finished, you can edit the file in Microsoft Word on your device.
  • Other than video converting, you can compress, reverse, and trim videos.
  • This helps you choose the desired platform without worrying about the resolution.

If a conversion fails, you may give permission to use your files for resolving the issue by contacting us. Even then, we have strict internal protocols for handling your data. Immediately after fixing the problem, your files are permanently deleted at our end. You are the only person who can view the files you upload. After the conversion completes, your files are automatically deleted from our servers in 4 hours. You can also immediately delete them by clicking the trash icon.

Although there are occasional errors, I was very impressed with the efforts of the developers to receive feedback from users and to improve the inconveniences quickly. Files converted over 4 hours ago are automatically deleted from our servers. Your files are transferred using industry-standard encryption methods and technologies, such as SSL. You don’t need to download and install any additional programs. Your files are automatically deleted from our servers after 4 hours. The Xe Rate Alerts will let you know when the rate you need is triggered on your selected currency pairs.

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All you need to do is enter your website URL, and its various pages will be added to your app without you having to write a single line of code. Add the desired features without coding to make your app perfect for your customers. Dating App BuilderCreate an online dating app and let your app users find the perfect match with just a swipe. App MakerApp MakerMobile app builder to create an app in 3 steps.

easy app conversion

You can also integrate several offline features within your app. For example, it’s possible to use Google Docs without an internet connection as changes are saved on the device and are moved to the cloud when the user is back online. For example, if someone searches for your brand or products on their phone, they’ll have a better chance of getting the information they’re looking for if your company offers a mobile app. With free Website converter you can make an unlimited number of Android apps for free and without coding.

You’ll likely need a developer or development team in your ring. For starters, Android does have a larger user base than iOS. In 2021, the Android OS market share was 84% whereas the iOS market share was just less than 16%. Globally, many more people are using Android devices easy app conversion than iOS. On Demand Delivery App BuilderCreate an app for users to order goods & receive it with live package tracking and auto payment on delivery. Ever since he was a kid, Anthony has loved technology, from games consoles and computers to televisions and mobile devices.

StackFood Multi Restaurant Food Delivery Flutter App Template

Fewer barriers between the user and your content is always a good thing. Convert a website to a mobile app with social media tabs. Your users can recieve push notifications to stay updated with the latest events and posts on your site.

Make RSS Reader App for Android – Convert RSS Feed to App for Free

It takes less than 10 minutes to convert your website to a mobile app, provided you have all information at hand. By doing this, the app builder will capture the information from your site to build the mobile app. Using the form builder feature, you can create appointment and inquiry forms in the app, and allow users to easily book an appointment or make an inquiry. The form builder can also be used to take user surveys and gain feedback from your customers.

If you’re looking for tips to improve user experience, check out this complete guide to UX design. To develop a high-quality app, you’ll need to work with a qualified and experienced development team. These days, there are two options — hire an in-house team or cooperate with a reliable vendor. If you decide to host your app on both Android and iOS, you can, but you’ll just need to code two separate apps — even if they offer the same exact features. First, we need to decide if your app will be offered on Android, iOS, or both. Once a user installs an app, it’s much easier to open and engage with that application than it is to open a website in a separate browser application.

Business App BuilderTurn leads into clients and prospects into sales with the help of a mobile app for your business. How to Create an AppLearn how to make an app in easy steps with our no-code app maker; and how to publish it to app stores. Engineering Unit Converter is another app that focuses on one particular field. That could be ideal if you don’t want to sift through a list of unit types you’re not interested in. Refer to the Common Unit Systems page for further information.

Readdle PDF Converter is an app that is available for iPad and can be used to convert any file to PDF including images like JPG. You can easily download documents from the cloud, the web, or email directly from the app and then proceed to convert the file to PDF. Once the conversion is complete, the app also makes it very easy for you to share the converted file via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other channels.

Both Android’s App Store and Apple’s App Store take about the same amount of time to review your submission — each taking about three days total to approve your app. After your app is approved, it should be available for download in the respective app store. Like with any landing page, social media post, or email campaign, you should test your app before submitting it to the app store. This will allow you to fine-tune your app’s features and fix any glitches or flaws before your users discover them.

The above video shows the desktop version, but the mobile version has the same features. I have covered a nice guide on how to convert videos in Kapwing. How to Convert Videos in KapwingKapwing is an online video editor that can do many things, and one of those things is converting videos. The best thing about this app is that it works perfectly on Android, and you don’t need to install it. One of the apps to provide meaningful information in the description, Video Format Factory, is an app with over 1 million downloads and an average user-based rating of 4.2. It provides the user with a simple way to convert PDFs to word, excel, and ppt.