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Eligible Washington taxpayers will receive approximately $30 for each year they paid Intuit to file their returns through TurboTax. Some Washington taxpayers are eligible for restitution for multiple years. It is no secret that military spouses are underemployed and that the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated military spouse employment challenges. That is why USAA, Navy Federal, and PenFed have joined forces to tackle military spouse employment. The SANS Institute has pledged to train a minimum of 200 transitioning veterans over the next four years through its VetSuccess program.

Here, Gonzalez Intuit Military And Veteran Initiative s how Intuit helps employees learn and grow, why virtual happy hours have helped cultivate a community of women on the analytics team, and the best career advice she’s ever received. For military spouses who put their careers on hold to raise their families and are now ready to reenter the workforce, there is the Intuit Again returnship program. The company also employs hundreds of top talent military veterans and their family members, whose wide range of life experiences brings valuable ideas and perspective to the table. Every day, a mere 1% of the nation’s population stands in defense of the other 99%, choosing to serve rather than be served. I can personally attest to the challenges faced by transitioning service members and their families. It is stressful, especially when trying to figure out what the next stage in life holds.

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Our team of contributors loves to uncover inspiring stories and share helpful tips to help power your prosperity. Monday, November 11th, marks Veterans Day— a time to honor all who have served in the United States Armed Forces during war or peace, and to thank them for their sacrifices. In commonwealth countries including Canada, Britain, India and Australia, a similar holiday called Remembrance Day is celebrated. The extraordinary culture of intuit supports my passion of being creatively resourceful and there are no limits on learning, personal growth, and the opportunity to make my mark.


Some Washington taxpayers will be eligible for restitution for multiple years. Eligible Washington taxpayers will receive about $30 for each year they were impacted. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you.


Sharp Decisions, Inc. pledges to train and hire 500 veterans and military spouses through the V.E.T.S.™ program over the next five years. The V.E.T.S. program provides platoon-based technology training—free of charge to the veteran or veterans’ spouse—in quality assurance, project management, business analysis, cloud security and cyber security. Those who graduate then deploy as employees of Sharp Decisions to corporate clients in the healthcare, financial services, media and telecommunications, and government sectors. Cengage Learning has pledged to provide 100 scholarships to help veterans and military spouses access the company’s wide range of online certificate training programs at higher education institutions. These programs lead to industry-recognized credentials and certifications, including CompTia Healthcare IT Technician, Graphic Design with Photoshop, and Project Management Professional . In addition, 15 companies and organizations have committed to lead training programs, sponsor scholarships, and support certification courses for nearly 60,000 veterans and military spouses over the next five years.

  • We finished filing the sailor’s military income and added his wife’s 1099 income of $15,000 and her modest business expenses.
  • Some Washington taxpayers will be eligible for restitution for multiple years.
  • „We all have a joint mission to serve those who serve, which means also taking care of military spouses. Now more than ever, military spouses are struggling with employment and underemployment, and we want to do something about it.“
  • “I am upset and troubled that TurboTax would intentionally mislead members of the military,” said Laurell, who has been in the service for a decade.

Siemens Product Lifecycle Management software business will provide free training in digital lifecycle management and computer-aided design , computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided engineering software. Siemens will invest up to $17,000 per eligible veteran for training to help enhance veterans‘ qualifications for skilled positions with Siemens. VetsinTech has pledged to train 5,000 veterans in Salesforce, Cybersecurity, and Employment training programs over the next five years. VetsinTech training programs include instruction in LinkedIn profile development, resume reviews, elevator pitches, and mentoring. Upon completion of these training programs, veterans are connected to the VetsinTech employer coalition, which includes Accenture, Apcera, Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, Salesforce, Ten-X, Intuit, and many other companies. That’s true for all aspects of employment, including recruiting, hiring, promotion, demotion, transfer, termination, compensation, benefits and training.

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Did you know that more than 200,000 move to civilian life each year? That translates to a tremendous amount of talented individuals entering the workforce and veterans can bring a wide… There is an underlying belief among veterans and spouses that self-identifying doesn’t always benefit the applicant. Some job seekers believe that identifying as a spouse is a formality that prejudges what a candidate is capable of doing, especially when it comes to gaps in employment history.

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How Skilled Credentials Can Help You Find Employees.

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